For decades at Double G we've been using our age-old family recipe to cure only the choicest hams. Our hams are trimmed until fully lean, then cured and slow-smoked for hour upon hour using either pure hickory, or our secret blend of select hardwoods. Artificial smoke flavoring is NEVER used at Double G!

All Double G Hams are slow-smoked for between 12 -16 hours with stack after stack of 100 percent naturally grown hickory wood or our secret blend of select hardwoods .

At just the right moment, once the ham is cooked to perfection, it is removed from our smokehouse, and packaged.

We believe you'll agree that tasting a Double G ham will transport you to a simpler time. A time when quality and flavor mattered.

Our Double G hams are noted for their rich, mellow-sweet, deep-smoked flavor. A Double G ham is truly a "ham that tastes like ham used to taste."

Orders usually ship out within 2-5 business day depending on demand

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