Our dad, Glenn Gatzert, never wanted to sell the most hams… “Only the best!” With that statement, he started making hams under his own signature label in 1973. Before that, way back in 1958, he owned Kretchmar hams.

Dad was always devoted to producing the best quality hams possible. After Kretchmar, dad wanted to produce a truly premium ham, a ham made using the old fashioned methods that he loved… not compromising flavor and quality just to make a few pennies more per pound. That is why he began Double G.

Today, we are making our ham the way dad did when he first started in the business. We won’t take short cuts with Double G hams. We use only the best cuts of meat and then hand trim away any extra fat. Double G hams are leaner hams because we are still using the same boning methods that dad developed and used forty years ago! This is a method either never known, or abandoned, by the large ham companies. It is only found used in producing the most premium hams. Double G still uses brown sugar in all of its curing. We leave out a lot of the added water found in nearly all other hams. Unlike so many other ham companies, Double G never uses a ‘heated paint booth’ to spray paint hams with liquid smoke flavoring! All Double G Hams are slow-smoked for between 12 -16 hours with stack after stack of 100 percent naturally grown hickory wood. Natures finest.

The result is a smoky, full-flavored ham that tastes like ham used to taste®. This fact has been proven in nation wide taste tests where people preferred Double G Ham nearly 3 to 1 over the big company’s hams. In the ham business (or any business), that’s what you’d call a landslide, and it proves that people still love the taste of a truly premium ham made the old fashioned way.

We don’t believe you can make the best hams while tending to hot dogs, liverwurst, pickle loaf and a lot of baloney. Great hams take time, and we devote our time to producing great hams. You can get everything you want under the Double G name… as long as it’s ham!

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