Semi-Boneless �TAVERN HAM� 15-17 LB.

Semi-Boneless �TAVERN HAM� 15-17 LB.
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Product Description

Double G is the home of the original Tavern Ham. When dad was making ham deliveries in South St. Louis in his little panel truck, the tavern owners kept telling him that they needed a specialty ham, one with the flavor of a bone-in and the ease of slicing on a boneless ham.

Dad, never one to back down from a challenge, said, �I�ll see what I can do.�

Dad tried various methods to get the job done and finally hit upon just the right boning technique. The tavern owners loved it, and the Tavern Ham became an immediate success. Other ham companies have tried to copy our original Tavern Ham. Naturally, they have failed. None will ever be mistaken for a Double G� not even close!

Try the original Tavern Ham. We think you�ll agree that it is the �perfect� ham.